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At 30TH FEB our expert works closely with your team as a Brand Manager on your Brand Strategy, we offer brand & marketing services to businesses world over. While the expert consults, brainstorms and works on your brand strategy – our team takes care of the Branding Operations.
Branding Strategy at 30TH FEB


A Brand is a wholesome approach of business. And it begins with your Brand Name – its relevance, how meaningfully & sensibly the name defines the business. A Brand Personality which is evolved using the Brand Identity Prism is the second step of Branding. A perfect color scheme with lot of ideation, researching and concepts lead to a logo design followed by the brand elements – from stationary to thank you notes, from display pictures to social accounts.


Marketing is about making something like able & interesting. Internet has changed the rules of marketing. It is no more about Sales!

Marketing Communication Design – Usually, people believe in investing in brand design and take marketing for granted. Brands need to evolve constantly by the way of marketing communication.
Your design, brand copy, a sharp message is all what makes the difference.

Modern day marketing revolves around content. The brand content has to be well researched, talk business, act as a brand voice and should be the base of marketing activity. At 30TH FEB, we brainstorm, study competition, copy write and then re-write to have interesting & catchy brand voice for the design collateral, social media and even newsletters. We do real content with an eye on detailing and focus on Call-to-action.

While developing marketing collateral – we keep an eye on the market, the consumer insight, the advertisement place, intent & target.

Social Media

We work on Social Media – right from strategy, content build-up, media channels and training clients to manage their own brands. We initiate the process to make sure that your brand move in the right direction. We make sure that a brand touches & reaches the appropriate business suitable channel.

Content is the key to brand marketing even online. An original & truthful content is what the client seeks in the ever flourishing online world of brands. The more the relevance, the better they connect. We work on your brand content – and we make sure it is unique as well as engaging

Outside Consulting Partnership

We help businesses by becoming the external consulting department. Your business is growing, expanding or you are planning to re-brand to re-launch; you need a brand consultant, a creative consultant – we are the brand consulting agency with monthly packages.

30TH FEB offers outside brand consulting partnership through strategy support, right from the gap analysis to marketing plan, implementing & executing promotional drive. We can also help you with your yearly marketing plan, promotional drive and even event planning in your pre-defined budgets.

For more Customized Brand Consulting Packages for your business or startup, Drop us a Line.

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