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Tired of Generic Marketing Advice? Prioritise your marketing spends?

Get Actionable Insights in your budgets. Let’s work on Real Results with Jigyasa.

Founders who parent a brand need help to ensure their brainchild grows steadily. An interim branding officer or an outsourced branding team needs to be the best babysitter for your brainchild.

Business ecosystems of present times are flourishing on the digital landscapes. These have opened too many avenues that can be targeted strategically. This also means that your brand doesn’t necessarily need everything under the ecosystem. A wiser option is to focus on business goals and set brand marketing plans that are ROI driven.But with such an influx of ideas running through the instagram channels and the digital marketing agencies out there, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You need a partner who understands your unique brand and can craft a strategy that truly resonates with your business goals and target audience.

Our intent behind this 30 Minute Founder-to-Founder Consultation is to facilitate straight thinking for the business owners, CMOs and help them plan their brand marketing better.

Branding is not a one-size-fits-all conversation. It requires a deep dive with a brand strategist who’s been in your shoes and has helped a number of businesses with brand strategy and marketing.

What to Expect in Your 30 Minutes?

Uncover Your Brand’s DNA:
We’ll delve into your brand’s core values, target audience, and long-term vision. What makes you stand out?
Bridge the Relevance Gap:
Is your message getting lost in the noise? We’ll identify areas where your brand might not be connecting and provide actionable insights to close that gap.
Prioritise your brand activations:
Merging revenue goals with branding and setting the pace for brand marketing.
Craft a Winning Roadmap:
Together, we’ll brainstorm data-driven strategies to elevate your brand awareness, engagement, and sales.
Empowerment for Growth:
Walk away with a clear plan and resources to implement your strategy immediately.

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    The 30TH FEB Advantage

    We plan, prioritise and pursue the execution for your brand marketing.

    • Relevance at the Core
      We don’t believe in generic solutions.
      We specialise in crafting unique strategies that set your brand apart from the competition and resonate deeply with your target audience.
    • Actionable Insights, Measurable Results
      Forget empty promises.
      We focus on delivering tangible results you can track and celebrate.
    • Founder-to-Founder Connection
      Gain insights from a strategist who’s walked the founder’s path.
      Jigyasa understands your challenges and can offer practical guidance based on her experience as an interim CMO.
    • Experience You Can Trust
      Since 2006, she has helped countless businesses thrive as a brand strategist.
      She and her team can help you leverage your business growth through solutions curated specifically for your business.

    Is Founder-to-Founder Consulting Right for You?

    This consultation is ideal for founders who are:

    • Stuck and unsure how to move their brand forward online
    • Concerned their brand message isn’t resonating with their target audience
    • Looking for fresh ideas and data-driven strategies to boost brand awareness and sales

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