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Your customers cannot relate to your Brand and you wonder why?

It’s time you start to LIVE YOUR BRAND! Because only relevance triggers Sale! And we are ready to help you find relevance & precision. We work on ideas and we turn them into Brands.

Welcome to 30TH FEB, your one stop solution for Idea, Branding and Content solutions. We manage your business dreams through idea validation and further give the idea a shape through Brand Identity Design and further spread the idea through content writing, marketing support and digital marketing. This is one reason why we are known for the ‘obviously different ideaz’.

We have been working on Brands since 2006 and officially came into shape from 2009 onwards. We have worked on ideas, on brands, on designs and we have evolved with the market conditions and are constantly updating our offering as per the technology and consumers.

We also do feasibility, detailed project reports on new business ideas and take up Branding Workshops with your Sales and Marketing team.

Our mission is ‘to make ideas better and profitable’. Be it your business identity or the new product design, the packaging or digital campaigns we are constantly working on engaging ideas for brands.

Our clientele involves a vast industry segment – healthcare, financial advisory, moving & transportation, fashion apparel brands, electronic goods, engineering and beauty industry. The offering varies from design to digital content services.

Let us begin the journey of your idea, please write here. You can also subscribe to our branding newsletter here.

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