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Brand Services


Brand Services at any Brand Agency cannot be put to a list. The branding process is an ongoing scheme of creative inputs which vary from business to business.

We work on Businesses from Idea to Strategy, from Creative Copy to Design, from Brand Content to Social Media Marketing. We are a complete Brand Agency who is equally excited to enliven your business through our Brand Services.

Brand Naming

You may be running a 50 year company but we make sure that your name aligns with the services, business and most importantly consumers.
Present day Brand Naming is very challenging as the availability of desired business name, the domain name and the IPR is a challenge. You cannot just go and keep the name you like. There goes a lot – behind that name.

Identity Design

Identity is not about a beautiful creative design. It is about right color scheme, logic, semantics and your brand story.
You need to have a clear identity in mind; a complete story & offering on paper and then you go for design. At 30TH FEB we make sure – the identity is not a mere design but a well thought of meaningful creative depiction

Brand Marketing

We do gorgeous and corporate designs as per the business category & business intent. We work on the Brand Marketing strategy and therefore keep the Designing Budgets in mind. When we say Gorgeous Designs – we have on our mind, the fashion, the retail and the beauty clients in the hindsight but when we say corporate – we are thinking about the clients from Real Estate, Energy Sector, and Engineering & Healthcare.

Website Content

Content matters most. Not only is your content significant, it should constantly keep the story as a recall point. With the social media marketing on the rise, the importance of content has become more significant.
Clients share website samples, reference sites but not the content. Even if you think you can write best for your business we help with headlines, highlights, and touch points to direct action from the clients, prospects, visitors etc. We even write and re-write the SEO based website content to make it an appropriate brand voice which reaches out

Website Development

Website Development is not difficult task but what matters is how easy it is to manage it for clients and to what an extent client can update it themselves. We work on wordpress, php, joomla and magento primarily. Our website management goal is simple – we simplify the website management for our brands. And we do not develop Websites without SEO feature.

Website Design

We design simple websites. The less complicated they are, the better they perform in SEO. Our idea is not to make the user spend more time on your site but the idea is to allow users to gain value from the website and connect your team. Be it on pager site, a brochure site, a dynamic interface or an ecommerce site. We can customer centric sites with amazing user interface.

Social Content

With the increasing popularity of businesses online, social space of a brand has become very significant. And that is why we have a team that works on ‘everyday social content’ for your brand. The social content team at 30TH FEB, works closely with the Brand Strategy team & consultants who primarily devise the SEO based content strategies for each brand that we manage. The team also includes visually equipped designers who can design & develop visual content for your social profiles which is SEO friendly.

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