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Launching a Brand (AtoZ) for Indian markets, Digital ORM and Social Media Marketing

Client Overview:

Pura Vida Carpets is a leading retail brand for India that aso manufactures for some of the elite designers in rugs, carpet and home furnishings. The brand is developed and curated by the 3rd generation entrepreneurs from the Laxmi woolen mills group that has been thriving for almost 08 decades now.

Pura Vida Carpets specializes in high-quality handmade and handcrafted carpets, catering to both traditional and modern tastes. With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship and quality, Pura Vida carpets sought to expand its reach by venturing into the digital space while preserving its traditional values.


Creating a brand that is closer to the home audience, ensuring that it is loved, accepted and popular to Indian tastes. Transitioning a traditional business mindset for creating something for your home market was the task.

Creating a brand right from the thought of it and leveraging it to become a popular name in the home furnishings category was the challenge. But we were excited right from the beginning.

The primary hurdle was to maintain the parent brand’s heritage and integrity while creating something that sounds local and then ensuring that it is adapting to the ever evolving and indulging Indian consumer.

Weaving a Pura Vida Carpets story that has a strong online presence, engages with a wider audience, and drives sales through digital channels.

The journey with Pura Vida Carpets was a collaborative effort marked by strategic steps including:

  • idea validation and market analysis
  • brand naming, brand strategy and narrative
  • brand awareness and digital outreach
  • SEO, SEM and SMM that propelled the brand into a spotlight for both businesses and consumers.


We began our process with detailed brand consultations to fully understand Pura Vida’s essence and aspirations. These insights shaped every aspect of our strategy:

  • Brand Naming and Identity: We crafted the name “Pura Vida Carpets,” a homage to the purity and vibrancy of life encapsulated in each carpet. This identity was not just a brand, but a beacon of craftsmanship, expertise and quality. 
  • Content Development: We weaved narratives that celebrated Pura Vida’s journey, evoking emotions and fostering connections with audiences. Each piece of content became a thread in the rich tapestry of Pura Vida’s legacy of decades. 
  • Product Shoot: Collaboratively, we captured the intricate beauty of Pura Vida carpets through professional photography, transforming craftsmanship into visual poetry that resonated with online TG. 
  • SEO Optimization: With meticulous care, we optimized Pura Vida Carpet’s digital footprint, ensuring its presence was felt across search engines. More than visibility; it was about honouring the group’s legacy in the digital landscape. 
  • Social Media Marketing: We curated conversations and cultivated communities on social media, inviting individuals to be a part of the brand journey. Each interaction wasn’t just a transaction but a celebration of craftsmanship, artisans and the group’s passion towards rugs, carpets and home furnishings. 
  • PR Outreach: Through concerted efforts, we brought the brand into the spotlight, securing features in esteemed publications online and offline. 
  • Packaging Design: With a shared commitment to sustainability and elegance, we crafted packaging solutions that mirrored the brand values and commitment to quality. Each package was a testament to the care and attention lavished on every carpet. 
  • Offline Brand Kiosks and Brochures for International Exhibits: We designed visually appealing brochures and brand kiosks for international exhibits, ensuring that Pura Vida Carpets stood out in offline settings and effectively communicated its brand story to a global audience. 
  • Online Reputation Management: We managed Pura Vida’s online reputation with strategic planning and execution. Through proactive monitoring and engagement, we maintained a positive brand image and addressed any issues promptly, ensuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.


  • We could create a brand that was quickly accepted by the Indian audience, and is currently endorsed by elite designers like Sussanne Khan, Rohina, Kalyani Saha Chawla, Richa Gaur, Neelam Kothari and is partnering with the leading home furnishing labels like AA Living and more.
  • Pura Vida Carpet’s presence flourished in the digital realm, resonating with audiences far and wide.
  • The website became a hub of activity, drawing in visitors and converting them into patrons.
  • Social media channels buzzed with engagement, as conversations around Pura Vida  carpets.
  • Our PR and SEM efforts elevated the brand , cementing its status as a beacon of craftsmanship from the artisans of Rajasthan.
  • Numbers soared, not just as transactions but as affirmations of the MM Group’s  enduring legacy.


Together, we crafted a holistic brand experience for Pura Vida Carpets, from brand naming and identity to content development and packaging design. Our comprehensive approach celebrated their craftsmanship, ensured a strong online presence, and maintained a positive brand image, honoring the group’s rich legacy and showcasing its excellence in the modern market.

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