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Startup Branding and Local Marketing, from SEO to Event Leads

Client Overview:

Karma Concept is a holistic healing center that specializes in alternative therapies and spiritual energies. Symbolized by the Lotus flower representing purity and enlightenment, and the Infinity Symbol signifying infinite energy, the brand embodies the essence of self-regeneration and growth. Additionally, three lines represent Shiva’s threefold power of will, knowledge, and action. With a color palette of Purple and Green representing tenderness, sensitivity, and health, Karma Concept aims to provide transformative experiences for its clients.


Karma Concept faced the challenge of integrating its diverse sales streams—Online Tarot Reading, Clinic Therapies, and Periodic Workshops—into a unified digital presence. Crafting a digital platform that effectively communicates the essence of spiritual healing while attracting diverse audiences posed a significant challenge.


The collaborative journey with Karma Concept involved several strategic steps:

  • Website Transformation: Crafting a trendy yet unique website design that encapsulates the brand’s ethos, focusing on simplicity and easy navigation for users.
  • Workshops & Blog Strategy: Devising engaging workshops aligned with trending topics and strategically placing them on the website’s front page. Implementing a content strategy that turns the blog into a comprehensive resource for all Karma Concept offerings.
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing: Extending efforts to Facebook, creating relevant spaces for the brand to thrive digitally. Implementing lead generation campaigns, content marketing, and SEO to expand the brand’s digital footprint.
  • Landing Page Power: Optimizing the landing page as a clinical ‘Sales Funnel,’ finely tuned to geographical targeting for a seamless client journey.
  • SEO and Keyword Analysis: Implementing a comprehensive SEO and keyword analysis strategy to enhance the brand’s findability and accessibility to a broader audience.


The collaborative efforts resulted in tangible success for Karma Concept:

  • Strengthened digital presence with an engaging website, social media engagement, and optimized campaigns.
  • Enhanced recognition, customer engagement, and exemplary reviews, indicating a deep connection with the audience.
  • Improved brand visibility and accessibility to a broader audience through effective SEO and keyword analysis strategies.


The journey with Karma Concept exemplifies the power of storytelling in branding. By aligning strategies with the brand’s unique identity and focusing on user-centric design and engagement, Karma Concept has achieved significant growth and success in the digital realm. Moving forward, the commitment to evolution and refinement ensures continued success and resonance with its audience.

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