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By on Oct 30, 2016 in Portfolio

KOR Energy (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a venture by Kor Capital. The promoters met us for a brand identity which works with their vision to revolutionize the way solar industry is looked at by the businesses as well as the customers. They believed in the concept of going green and they want to reach out to the businesses with the intent of establishing the benefits of going solar.

At 30TH FEB, we loved the outcome – the brand logo and brand stationary is just what our client wanted. A smile, a ¬†praise, a pat on the back – makes the day of a creative team – when you come up with a brand identity, you explain the logic and the client says -‘You know – this is what i wanted’ from you guys.

KOR Energy was such an experience. And we were even more happy as KOR Capital their parent company was our second ever client in our year of inception.

We worked on KOR Energy’s Brand Identity, communication for internal and external marketing. The brand is happy and so are we with our work – the elements of brand identity, semantics, the idea and concept is weaved so nicely in the identity. Once done with the identity, we are currently working on the content strategy and content marketing for the brand, you can check their webspace.

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