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Brand Naming is always an interesting task for a brand agency. You love to live a brand where you worked on the nomenclature. When you work on renaming an existing brand – which is already established within their local audiences, the challenge is doubled.

Branding Healthcare is challenging, time-taking and helluva of a task as the medical professionals are all time busy professionals, they are hard to explain digital marketing and plus healthcare is not fancy – it is need based service company or you have to create offerings in healthcare to reach out and create everyday consumers.

Young Urban population takes fitness seriously. For Korperkraft with worked extensively with Brand Naming, Brand Positioning, Communication – Online and also Internal Branding for their premises. Branding healthcare includes premises, that is where you are reaching out most to the audiences. You cannot target consumers here, all you can do in branding healthcare is to reach out the maximum number of audiences and establish your brand and its benefits.

Brand Naming for Korperkraft took some 3 to 4 rounds as we(30thfeb and client side) had different views and thoughts on everything. The beautiful thing about brand naming is that – each one has a perception and nothing can go wrong & right. After 2 weeks on working on the brand naming aspect – we all could agree on Korperkraft – a german work meaning ‘Physical Strength’.

The name was approved as the brand Korperkraft focuses on everyday fitness. The programs were devised keeping the TG segment – which is corporate goer, a home maker and also the gadget freaked kids. Apart from fitness, Korperkraft also helps with medicare unit as they have a experts on the panel. They also have lab-testing facilities now to facilitate their clients and the families.


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