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By on Oct 20, 2016 in Portfolio

Brand Strategy needs to be in line with your brand goals. When we met SBS Fin the now popular name on social media, we met the brand as Step by Step Financial Advisory. A business meeting a brand agency is mostly for two reasons, one they need design services as brand and advertising agencies are often interpreted or the business is seeking a growth part and need our services as strategic growth partners.

When SBS Fin met 30TH FEB, we begin with the discussion on growth path and way forward. But somewhere our strategist was keen to change the identity – the naming. It was a must brand strategy to position the authority and solidarity which the brand deserved after sustaining for 5 years and after becoming the preferred investment planners for businesses and professionals.

The brand strategy we recommended to SBS Fin was simple, Branding > Repositioning > Content Marketing > Go Social.

However, since the brand had some limitations, we had began with repositioning which was done using the brand current personality and where do we want to take it. The gaps were identified and the plan was laid out, we were now working on the content plan when the client, as she was happy gave us the approvals to go ahead and change the identity as well. We were on it and that embarked an accomplished brand strategy project at 30th feb as we were all over the brand – we knew what is to be done and how it will impact.

We worked on SBS Branding, their website, content plan and strategy for an year. We are happy to be associated with such a progressive brand.

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