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Karma Conceptz

By on Oct 27, 2016 in Portfolio

Branding Karma Conceptz was exciting and a challenge for the services it offers. The brand represents a holistic healing boutique based out of Navi Mumbai, India.

While branding Karma Conceptz, we had two challenges, first was to make understand the creative team on the offerings of this holistic healing boutique and second to make is appealing an expressive enough to make it relevant for the target audience. Alternate Therapies are now welcomed by Urbane population but there is also a stigma attached as the communication of most of these therapies is not clear. It is difficult for the audience to understand the process and procedures as all they seek is a solution to their problem.

Branding Karma Conceptz was enriching too. Branding for Naturotheraphy, branding for alternate healing are all looked upon as difficult tasks because of the lack of knowledge on the subject matter, difficulty in understanding the target segment and there by planning a content marketing plan for a brand which is starting up and trying to reach out to a segmented audience.

We also manage the social space of a brand for a minimum of 2 months from the brand launch. That is where you establish your branding and reach out to the audience meaningfully.

Karma Conceptz is still evolving as it is a recent brand of 2016. But you can certainly catch them in action or their website or facebook page.



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