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Supplement Review Rating

By on Oct 29, 2016 in Portfolio

9,80,000 words, some 1400 posts and around 100 articles sounds quite an amazing plan when you look at a content layout. But it is impressive and challenging at the same time. Well! this is what we are upto at the moment.

We knew, our content team needs to be equipped with the detailing of content writing, they need to be post graduates and also must understand digital content creation.

The project initiated as a simple website design & development project with some 100 pages of content, eventually became a brand we manage with lot of content marketing, SEO, SMM and Google analytics to look after.

Pretty much in nascent stage – we are sure going to manage this affiliate marketing business well in the coming month.

Beginning the brand works with Brand Competition Analysis, Magento, Content Writing, Content ‚ÄčMarketing , SEO and Google Analytics – this is a special project as it challenged us in a good way.

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