How do you value other people’s time?

By on Jun 6, 2011 in Challenges for Start-ups, Entrepreneurship

Have you even been into a situation – when all you are asking somebody is to respond and the other person just don’t care! Yes, I am talking about that difficult part of our lives when we meet such irresponsive clients who are irritating enough to get on your nerves with all the urgency whenever they require you and prefer to hibernate when you them to hear you. Feels disgusting! That is what I have been going through and then the above tweet inspired me to jot down the importance of time management and to save it from waster.

Isn’t that unfair? People know how to value their own time but they refuse to understand the value of someone else’s time. Or it is something where – the big players take the small ones, the start-ups, the freelancers for granted. I am afraid, this might not be the intention of the group or this might be completely against the policies of that particular account but at the same time –it’s prevailing.

Like, the difference in fresher-top hierarchy, companies do also treat the fresh player’s similar way. And you have no choice but to stand tall. Many a times, this also happens that it is the mediocre links that play the game and in turn spoil the image of business they are associated with. It is more like the differences which occur due to the gaps in communication in the following three levels:

Leaders – Managers – Professionals

What a pity? The corporate system works like that and if at all you meet a decision maker who loves the people with initiative – the mediocre won’t allow you to survive.  Despite the fact that you have to match the standards, over work yourself and many-a-times have to do an extra-bit by giving them ideas, suggesting plans, bettering their existing services with marginal or no fees.

The point is – don’t get jolted, yes at times it feels like humiliation but Stand tall. As you are doing it with a purpose and the other person is ignoring it without any. Shockingly, people do not even show the courtesy to just acknowledge a call, message, and email. I don’t think it is that difficult to say ‘No’ in profession. I think it is just the wrong attitude to work. Like we cannot take our work for granted we shall also not take the people for granted. Not only it is unprofessional but it is unfair too.

Btw, have you ever been into such a situation? Please share how to deal with such situation. May be that would help us take control of some major time –wasters. Why I am using that term, because for entrepreneurs this becomes too difficult as the mind tends to go back to these time wasters and hence it affects the concentration & productivity levels.

Probably for this, we can develop a personal sense of time, in the phase of difficulty managing a self time log should help so that we can actually learn the value of time. Btw,

How do you value other people’s time?

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