Is Entrepreneurship the new Mantra for Gen Next?

By on Oct 1, 2009 in Entrepreneurship

Going by the economic background, India undoubtedly has got a long list of successful world class & world renowned entrepreneurs. Otherwise also more then half of the working population is self employed, may be through agriculture, small businesses, professional services etc. Have you ever noticed the number of Lawyers, Charted Accountants, and Doctors? And now Consultants, Party Emcee’s, Wedding Planners, Events Managers etc, the number is increasing and the trend seems to follow at least for another decade.

Earlier what was considered either so big or too small is now a way to attain independence, satisfaction with self-respect and sense of achievement. India has a history of a few business houses ruling the entire economic & social set-up. Their huge success is now an inspiration and the present day demography is not happy with just a job and hefty remuneration packages. They want to have their own identity in their own special way. They are risk-takers and enjoy fighting challenges. The present generation doesn’t just aspire for a comfortable living like most of the parents thought of, they want to go ahead & grab the opportunity as they possess remarkable potential to do so.

Be it technology, manufacturing, e-learning, agriculture the present day entrepreneurs have been succeeding and it is a pleasure to see the motivated thousands.

When I go to B-schools for sessions with the aspiring managers and then those in the Executive Programs, I find it wonderfully interesting that more & more management affiliates are inclined towards exploring the entrepreneurial instincts. They have ideas and they are ready to take challenges, no matter that they will have to work hard to out live the dream of their families & parents which more or less still travels around a good job. Can I have a definition of the same please?

The enlarging middle class and multiple options of making money is also a great factor which induces the entrepreneurial dream and also makes it possible. Now people do not think of a full-time job as the only way to earn your livelihood while working on your bigger plans. The emergence of women as a true life-partner is all spheres is also a positive sign. While one partner takes up a full time job, the other can spend more time on their idea. Not to forget that the present generation is more close & updated of the upcoming trends in economy & society and they are all set to offer varied services and moreover they don’t keep notions of good & bad work. They just take it up and make it big.

Undoubtedly, the Gen Next asks for more!

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