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By on Nov 11, 2016 in Portfolio

Rebranding a brand that is all about a successful business which has almost 3 decades old employees with it was an exciting project. Our team at 30th feb was elated and excited so polish the gold and make it more appealing for the new age business houses.

Rebranding for DKM Online was done in 3 phases:

  1. Rebranding the Identity and reinventing the philosophy.
  2. Scaling up the brand offerings as per the markets & businesses have evolved.
  3. Communicating the change to brand stakeholders – clients as well as employees.

Our Chief Brand Strategist worked closely with the CEO of DKM Online and together they agreed on brand evolvement as a part of rebranding. It was necessary at the client site, for business expansion and also to establish the company as a stand alone business entity.

Branding cannot be done without your digital space communicating the what & why of it. The rebranding for DKM Online had begun with an identity reinvention, lead to change in strategy, additions to the offerings Рmaking the brand available for SMEs, startups and new age business owners.

And then communicating it to the existing clientele and employees. The acceptance to change suggests a lot about the change. And we were happy to have great reviews. And as the brand has evolved after rebranding- we are still working closely to create an engagement digitally. Employer Branding initiatives are ongoing and the employees have started responding to this change.

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