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11 Powerful Lessons, 11 Thankful Years of Entrepreneurship

By on Nov 19, 2020 in 30TH FEB, Entrepreneurship

11 Powerful Lessons, 11 Thankful Years of Entrepreneurship


A decade.

It feels like yesterday when I started with one goal, “to give my best and sustain for the first 2 years” thinking I can always get back to a job if this didn’t work out And after the first 2 years of running this ‘business’ I told myself, “You can’t quit – how about another 2 years of grind and hard work”.


This commitment brought me to year 4. Where I went for reinvention and it resulted in a rebrand. The transition from this (old logo) to this (new logo) brought in a lot of clarity.

By this time I had convinced myself that ultimately it is the good work that matters. So I should keep doing it. More so because we knew the magic of running a business lies in repeat or retained business and not precisely in the number of projects you do.


That clarity helped in streamlining operation and we quickly transitioned from a shared office with interns and part timers to independent office space and our first set of employees.

Oh yes! Before that we only had virtual employees and I am grateful that they are part of our team until today.

That was a defining moment for us because we were falling in love with the smell of our new office, our branding on the walls and the creative environment that we all had cultivated together.

So the year was 2019 and we had already spent three years at this place. Thanks to growth and love of our clients, we wanted a slightly bigger space!

If you have been reading these updates that I send on every anniversary of 30TH FEB, for a few years, you must have realized that ~ we are the slow and steady kinds! We only change when we are sure about them. So at this point, we felt ready to take the leap.This leap was less about moving to a bigger space, and more about steadfastness.

As an entrepreneur I had started missing out on a lot of things. Plus there was a to do list on what I wished to do badly. No I wouldn’t say it just happened because business and serving to the best of our abilities still remained our priority.

But year 10 was also the time when I had to unlearn things as an entrepreneur to learn new things to be a better entrepreneur. By now I was sure and had done an assessment on the missing links and I was bound to ‘DO MORE THINGS THAT MOVE ME’.

And that is how we have been all this while, check out a glimpse of our decade long story here.

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur I am sure you would like to know what Things I Learned and Unlearned In a Decade of Entrepreneurship.

1.You cannot DO it All and You SHOULD NOT EITHER

I have learnt it the hard way and that is why I can vouch for it too. It helps you focus on business which is the priority and makes your team more accountable.

2. GROWTH COMES with Yes and No. Learn to Accept and Deal with Both

Stop mulling over the unexpected No’s and worrying over the instant Yes. Learn to accept and be mindful about business situations. A well thought of action is your prime responsibility.

3. Be YOURSELF. Create your own Fancy or Earthy Culture.

Businesses look fancy and businesses look desi (read earthy/traditional). Create a culture that is based on solidarity and accountability. I have been a brand strategist with the spankiest of brands and also the ones that have a deep rooted traditional culture. Being your own kind of beautiful work. Yes always!

4. Take Feedback in your STRIDE. Learn and Grow.

All feedback is good feedback. It could be about a service you provide, a project you just finished, a statement you made or from your own people and their experience. Learn to take it in your stride, be positive about it. Either it will bring a smile or a frown but it will only make you better and smarter.

5. Do NOT leave yourself Behind.

Entrepreneurship is a lone battle, I am of that opinion for quite sometime now. Not many would understand your passion, the fear and the urge to keep going. But a slowdown is always better than a breakdown so stick around your inner self. Be a little extra to your otherwise ordinary self.

6. DELEGATE – to an expert, an agency or a mentor.

You have to let go of the past to perfect your present and to focus on the future. Make sure you are around when required but let go of your stress, concerns and urgency to involve in everything. Delegation is an art, a practice – adopt it asap.

7. Feed Your SOUL and INTELLECT.

Turn your busyness to business. Feed your soul and intellect with the activities that help you rejuvenate and empower your actions.

8. PEOPLE Matter Most.

People are precious. They make your story interesting, lovable and memorable. They create the culture, they inspire a contest, they reflect the work.

9. PROCESSES help you PACE Up.

Create processes and systems to simplify operations, delivery and reporting. This is the only way to PACE UP, take a leap and empower the business.

10. PERFORMANCES are your responsibility too.

When they grow ~ they push your growth too. Like creating a culture depends on the business leader. Nourishing the culture, the team, their performance is also a responsibility. When you allow your employees to grow with you, you create an open space that is built on trust and camaraderie.

11. LOVE what you do and DO what you love.

Lastly and most importantly love what you do and do what you love. Entrepreneurship is like a good marriage where you need to learn to love the imperfections and it is amazing when you keep falling in love with the same person everyday.

As I conclude my 11 years as an entrepreneur I am already looking forward to the next decade that has begun with a change that no one in this world ever expected. A new normal, a new work culture and newer set of expectations from the agencies across the world. We are all in this together and from all these years of ups and downs, smiles and frowns, I can say one thing: follow the above 11 tips and keep your chin up!

Somehow the following quote has always worked for me, If people are doubting how far you can go, go so far that you can’t hear them anymore. – Michele Ruiz

Thank you once again 🙂




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