12th Anniversary Film of 30TH FEB, Our journey through the pandemic from rocky to smooth.

12th Anniversary Film of 30TH FEB, Our journey through the pandemic from rocky to smooth.

By on Nov 17, 2021 in 30TH FEB, Marketing

Today we completed 12 years!!

Today I have something special to share with you.

But before I do, you need to know the backstory. Let me share that with you first. 🙂

When I started 30TH FEB, on November 17th, 2009, all I had thought about was, to give my best shot for next 2 years. Yes, back then I had given myself a lock-in period of 2 years. Either find mojo or fail fast and do something else!

The only thing I used to tell myself was – SWIM & SAIL. Silently in my head I used to whisper, don’t worry, if this flops you can always find a job 😉 

When the pandemic struck I remember sharing with a friend that I have been busy calculating for how long we can sustain like this. 

In April 2020, 4 of our clients went on a break. At that time I was constantly looking at the bills, rents, and salaries and the dropping economy and was in panic mode for a while.

I spent that entire month taking the game up! Since we had decided that we ain’t firing anyone, we worked on things around our own brand. Whether it was ideas, designs, concepts, we  experimented with all.

The journey from there was rocky at times. But glad to share, things are better today than they ever were. We have sharp processes in place, for onboarding, delivery and operations and chaos helped us create an action and accountability oriented culture!

Our experiments played a role in getting us out of a rut, out of a crisis. So no point stopping them.

Next in this series of trying out new things, is our 12th Anniversary Film. First ever with a ‘hinglish’ voiceover. 

For the first time we had time for our brand. I decided to ignore the fears and panic and look at the positive side and multiply the possibilities! 

Check it out here. 30TH FEB’s 12th Anniversary Film.

And, let know what you feel, by adding a comment on the video itself.

I’ll end with a note of gratitude. 🙂

We are all happy to have spent time with our families, that personally I never thought was possible for the last 12 years and I am grateful for that!! 

As an entrepreneur, I never thought such a breather was a possibility and now we are glad about everything and filled with gratitude for all those clients, who stood along, encouraged us and sure picked us as their integrated brand partners. I am also grateful for my wonderful team and partners.

A heartfelt ‘Thank You’ to you & your team 🙂 

And, happy 12 years to us! 

Let’s make it rain together in the year and times ahead of us.


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