14 years Stronger!! Celebrating our Branding Agency 30TH FEB

14 years Stronger!! Celebrating our Branding Agency 30TH FEB

By on Nov 17, 2023 in 30TH FEB, Entrepreneurship

14 years of 30TH FEB, the year when I told myself, if IIM is not pushing me to the next Cohort, that would only mean ~ I am Harvard material 😐

Life is what happens when you plan something else! Entrepreneurs are those who have a Plan B even for life 🙂

Well! This year was like that of trampoline jumps!! You fear a little, you take little jumps, and they get higher making you anxious about a disbalance or fall, and eventually maintain a level and pace. And then you start enjoying. Trust me, bouncing is not always fun but bouncing back is magical.

I started the year with my annual kickstart regime, a forecast, and goals that were personal and business. But the year was like the Google algorithm, that changes the game the moment you think you have arrived, shakes you a little, and brings you back to the position you have rightfully attained.

As soon as I was about to change the gear, it pulled me into a different direction, thereby challenging my limits as well as my resistance to build what I was building.

A day before my travel for the Goldman Sachs 10k program, we got to know that my mom was diagnosed with a critical illness. I was struck with what I call the ‘elder daughter syndrome’ and I was ready to wear multiple hats. The moment I heard worrisome voices, I knew all I needed was to work the system, #nomatterwhat. It’s been a year of shuffling places, faces, and priorities, sometimes at the speed of light.

So whether it was managing timelines, changing plans, calling NSRCEL for the 10k program right on the day of my flight, canceling meetings, or delaying projects, my biggest takeaway was – that you can do it right by keeping calm, communicating clearly, or taking decisions faster!

On a side note, there was a lot of pep-talk in my mind like, already if IIM-B is not pushing me to the next Cohort, that would only mean ~ I am Harvard material!! 

But being a God’s favorite child, this reflection post was a must. It is a ritual and I had to detail my key takeaways for myself, for those who had my back, for those who told me you were super active and doing great when I thought my work was getting impacted, and for those who too challenged me with their human (in)sensitivities.

Not all on the work front, but very significant takeaways from my #14thyear as an entrepreneur on managing people and managing growth.

1. Do you.

Life goes on and so does work. Sometimes all you can do is do you. Do it with spirit and like always stretch a little if you can.

2. People ~ are different and it’s okay.

People will fail you, outsmart you, amaze you with kindness and insensitivity, give you the benefit of ignorance, and save your energy.

3. Wasted time is worse than wasted money.

In challenging situations, structure yourself and focus on action rather than worry.

4. Stronger Work Ethic.

Sometimes you won’t get it but showing up to ‘work’ will simplify work.

5. Make your Moves.

I was keen on the goal of finding my tribe. I needed people who do not avoid problems but those who solve problems. So even in difficulty and delays I kept on making the moves. I knew I needed to hire smarter and better.

6. Act Long term.

Finances are most important, so even when life brings in sudden edits like Google algorithms, make sure you are keeping a tab.

7. Judge actions and not people.

Good people will understand and others will complain. They are all important, so work it up without getting judgemental. That’s the only difference is, some will get things done and others will rest on an excuse.

8. Fail fast and cheap.

Failing is fine. Fail fast and fail cheap when not much is at stake. Do not drag it if you are not sure, take a decision or take a side and accept.

9. Mind the Growth.

Take a break and focus on being consistent. Growth will happen. Quoting a beautiful line from Prof. Sai Chittaranjan who talked about business strategy at NSRCEL, Growth for the sake of growth is poison.

10. Watch yourself.

Self-care is all you need to sustain. I moved from color therapy to colorful resistance bands, all I needed at a point in time was stamina to face life, work, and the future. So while you indulge in those ice cream sundaes, do remember to indulge in self-care.

11. Not just practice but Show gratitude. 

While I did miss a lot of my friends or was angry at people being so inconsiderate, I loved seeing how people with gratitude for everything excel differently.

12. Life is a blessing.

Thoughts become things so ‘think better’ or vent out and get rid of troubling thoughts. Have your tribe who can help, they are magical.

13. Consistency and Resilience

Consistency is the key. Even when you are not able to give your 100 percent to it, give the 10% you can and you will notice the universe will manage the 90%.

14. Focus on one thing at a time.

Focus on the task at hand. I have dealt with loneliness, pressure, anxiety, and fear on both professional and personal fronts because such were the situations. Focus and one thing at a time. Many times I realized that this was all I could do, and I did. This very realization sorted a lot and kept me going!

As Jim Rohn said, You must take personal responsibility. You cannot change the circumstances, the seasons, or the wind, but you can change yourself.


Happy 14th to us 🙂 because if you are still reading, I count you in my tribe 🙂 🙂


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