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Create Strategic Brand Touchpoints for Recall and Growth

By on Aug 10, 2021 in Communication Strategy, Marketing

“No one can beat a marketing person’s thought process :)”

That’s what one of the C-suite leaders mentioned about one of the ideas that I recommended in our discussion around a campaign. After considerate reasoning, they agreed to go ahead with it.

The idea about brand touchpoints to make aware for new startups and business owners. I pursued the very element of creating and leaving powerful brand touchpoints. Moving into the power of emotions and customer satisfaction strategies can help to prompt brand recollection. By different ways you can make your audience to feel something about your own brand.

Promise, Story, Innovation, Moment of Sale, and Customer Experience. These are the 5 popular brand touch-points.




Social media, Offline brand events, Collaboration, or Sponsorship gigs. Brands can create many customer touchpoints to engage with the audience. These are the decision points for consumers, especially in the digital marketing world. They are the defining points for user behavior and provide a lot of insight for the marketing team.

Some of the most popular brand touchpoints include: 

  • social media, 
  • paid campaigns, 
  • newsletters, 
  • marketing emails, 
  • personal letters, 
  • sales and after sales process, 
  • onboarding process, 
  • customer support, 
  • feedbacks and other customer programs. 

Additionally, point of sale and billing actions are significant when it is about brand behaviour in the physical store.

All these touchpoints play a significant role in establishing the brand essence. They set the customers’ expectations right. Be it the booming wealth-tech ecosystem or the stores like Decathlon going Phygital. 

The positive brand exposure and customer experience is good for developing brand trust and brand recall. Simply to improve or recall in an oversaturated modern market, personal brands need to adopt highly effective and proven brand strategies.

It is time you do a reality check on your brand touchpoints.

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