Do your Brand for 24x7 and establish Brand Growth

Do your Brand for 24×7 and establish Brand Growth

By on Oct 12, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

I recently read about Joe Wicks, the ‘Lean in 15’ creator. This is what he said about starting his popular space ‘thebodycoach’ on snapchat.

His words are, he was sleeping, eating, bathing and waking up on snapchat. All this very consistently. I read one of his press interviews that said, “I Snapchat when I wake up. I’m giving people inspiration. It’s like a TV show”. 

I loved the TV show statement, that is how branding should be. You need to be up for it and be talking about it.

I hear this from my clients during strategy sessions when I tell them to remain contextual as a personal brand. How do you get the brand link and ideas around it all the time? Well, that’s simply like doing my job. When I am into brand interaction, I am thinking about how a particular thing will help the brand grow. 

Find your mojo and find your space, the thing that you wish to do most and the comfortable place that gives you ease and a platform for 

  • talking
  • sharing
  • engaging
  • endorsements

If you are good at writing long form, start a blog. If you are good at talking in front of the camera, create a space for yourself on YouTube and maybe Instagram reels. Indulge into linkedin if you are good at one to one networking.  

If it offers the opportunity to voice your brand, do it. If you are driven by a higher purpose, do your brand like Joe Wicks.

Think about the ideas on how you can do your brand more often, if you need help with execution, Connect with Brand Strategist

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