The E’s in Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship starts with:
-Energy – Enthusiasm – Enterprising – Efficient – Efficacy

I discussed the above in my first phase of learning here. Today when I am going through a mixed spirit, I thought of sharing the learning in phase II.

And then comes, the challenging ‘E’ –




Such a struggle with oneself, working here means working in a market with set rules of the big players. It’s like a tiny fish learning to swim in a sea of sharks.

That is exactly I believe any start-up will go through at least in the initial or post-initial phase.
And enough happens, when an entrepreneur feels like getting into a progressive phase and business hits like a car break jolt when you are running at 90.

Have been reading a lot of stuff on the same phenomena, many blogs bounce off as I am still worried about the ground level problems of a budding entrepreneur. For them having clients – performing to their expectations & generating profits is the basic problem, expansion is the biggest dream and having a team is the ultimate goal.

At times I feel tiny in meetings with big shots, who have already tasted money in their ventures. I don’t know if the situations were same or not. I just feel peace that my dream is the same as theirs.
Yes, it is another ‘E’ of entrepreneurship. Efforts will only be counted which bring results. Other efforts – well, my positive side says will bring results if not sooner than later. What worries me here is this tendency of varied results, situations of enough arising again and again and yes the unheard efforts. Yes, an entrepreneur cannot blame anyone for the unheard efforts; everybody out there is in fluxed with options. But this leads to another challenge, another E.

Many a times, a start-up or an entrepreneur becomes the obvious choice for exploitation. It’s like the job of a fresher/ trainee where you are expected to follow the rules of the game – no matter right or wrong. You are there to follow and not to lead. Similarly, for start-ups people will leave no chance to remind you that. One needs to be careful about the same.

Don’t agree to get exploited. And don’t let the efforts stop. 
That is the spirit of Entrepreneurship.

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