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What Winning must be Like?

By on Dec 27, 2012 in 30TH FEB, Challenges for Start-ups, Entrepreneurship

Well, this is somewhat I had thought to write on the 3rd anniversary. Entrepreneurial Birthday is more thoughtful than my real birthday. The latter is more about gifts & blessings but this one puts me into lot of thinking. For each quarter that passes by I found myself thinking – ‘Have I made it better, any better?’

All the November, I pondered about – attempts, failures, decisions and I had decided to write about – what winning must be like. When I started to put words together I came out with my previous post and then I found myself still hunting for the right answer.

The one answer which I got was this – “For Entrepreneurs – Winning is always the next step. The first step essentially is Sustainability”

This year is been a year not so good. I mean the previous was better. And when I had more to think and less to do – I was thinking “What Winning Must be like”


Did you ever thought about it? I see a lot of winners around me and the only thing I ask myself after looking at them is this – what winning must be like?

Does it mean busy routines, no time for family & friends! If it suggests – piles of work and no ease in life to relax? Or its like too fancy looks, parties all around and a brand freak personality. When I say brand – I mean only the unaffordable premium brands. Winning means fancy phones; it means smart looks and not hard work.

Or it means calm & composure. Peace within and smile outside. Does it leads to – Learning & sharing, constantly exploring new horizons, experimenting and reaching out.

I have been thinking about it. Success is real and if it is real; it will save you from influences. It is always in our hands – whether to get influenced or not. Getting influenced from people you think are successful is not recommended! Instead – one should get inspired, that would help more.

Success is like us.

Success has got age. It grows with us. When young it shall be nourished and one must learn to assess the outer affluence & value inside –only then it can be preserved. I see a lot of youngsters – who are influenced, whimsical about the peers who have touched/tasted success and are doing great. They are graced and hence getting results early, but see what they are doing – they are not nourishing it, they are just busy celebrating. This is not winning! This won’t result in peace – this will only lead to anxiety. I wonder – is winning like this? But this short term, winning cannot have an age, winning is a forever phenomena. Isn’t it?

We must – Learn from Mistakes

While thinking about winning – I also thought that it’s good to do some mistakes and that’s why there is absolutely no need to run from it; instead we shall take a lesson and improvise. Winning might be everything but learning enables win so learn.

In Entrepreneurship – one must learn from the mistakes, the failures – it can be an operational mistake, a financial mistake or just a decision which went wrong. We cannot be always correct but we can always correct ourselves & things.

Winning is Long-term

Any win is long term, it evolves every day; it is always remembered for all the effort, the attempt and the ecstasy. Winners know it – for they know the kind of effort which is being put into a win. One should not lose heart at smaller disappointments as they are a phase of winning. One cannot be a winner always but a real winner is who is always busy making an attempt (to win).

Similarly, Entrepreneurship is long term. Those who do not succeed – are those who try it as a short-term. The goal should be long term; we cannot take a chance with it. We must remember the attempts and efforts here; results should be worked on instead of getting worked-up. Because I am sure, like a winner, entrepreneur must always make an attempt to win, to succeed.

One person, one decision, one disappointment or for that matter – many of them are not the defining ones if you are able to survive and if you are not able to learn from them. The idea is to evolve every day.

So I decided that it is no more going to be about – what winning must be like? But everyday would be like – to win you need to perform today and every day.

So, I would like to share a quote here from Michael Jordan

I’ve missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I’ve lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I’ve been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I’ve failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.”



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