Attend to Leads - Improvise the Brand Metrics for Brand Growth

Attend to Leads – Improvise the Brand Metrics for Brand Growth

By on Oct 19, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

Attending the leads is never considered as a strategic task. 

It is always believed to be a sales team thing. Customer oriented brands keep the doors of communication open. 

Attending a lead does not mean asking them a question via social media every now and then or sending the feedback questionnaires. 

It is about making a conscious effort to talk to them. To better understand the customer expectations vs brand perceptions. It is often recommended to get an insight on market and competition.

From the digital marketing perspective, attending to leads is not a sales activity. Following and working on the brand metrics is significant. Analysis of algorithm and customer behavior always add to campaign power.

It is a strategic input that defines, redefines and leverages the entire campaign. It is a brand boost activity from communication, copy to campaign. 

Attending to lead means optimising the algorithms and generating better return on investment. Volumes are always good to scale. But if you are not optimising cost per lead or closing the deal, not winning long term customers ~ you need to attend the leads. 

Mystery shopping or Ghost calling – have your pick. Referrals and exclusive reviews linked to limited offers are another idea. Need help in picking the best one for your audience and campaign, Connect with Brand Strategist


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