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Be a Friendly Brand for Top of Mind Customer Recall

By on Sep 7, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

Airbnb is offering free accommodation to 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan around the world.

The accommodation platform will offer temporary stays to help them settle.

“I hope the Airbnb community will provide these 20,000 refugees not only a safe place to rest and restart, but also a welcome home”, tweeted the director Brian Chesky.

Brands need to be this sort of friendly. Make your client, prospect or just anybody so comfortable that they can approach you with ease.

Being a friendly brand is not about over commitment, you can always set the boundaries and limit the help. Let the person know how far you can help and from where they need to pay.

A friendly brand is always remembered long, cherishes great recall and shines brighter than the rest. We all love the eco friendly, kids friendly, senior friendly and even student friendly brands! That is the magic of standing out from the crowd.

Being a friendly brand helps you in numerous ways, some of them are:

  • Helps you with creating new connections

  • Brings you brand advocates

  • Prompts users to write about you, exposing your brand to new audiences.

  • Improves the brand perception

  • Goes really well with the employees and brand associates so culture win

What we tried and worked?

  • Friendly brands also believe in going out of their way to spread goodness, like a cause based annual charity event or doing a fundraiser.

  • Send a book, share a note, asking for well-being.

  • Find the customer challenges and offer them a free workshop on skill upgrade, mental wellness, nutrition etc.

  • Go Live and do an “Ask me Anything” session, hand hold them on subjects that are relevant or your customer would be interested in.

  • Offer LIVE Support sessions, we did that in finance, nutrition and even on basic life skills like organizing and it worked.

  • Simplify the process for them, ensure the ease of doing business with you.

Want to be seen as a friendly brand?

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