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Festival Season is here. Time to pull up your Brand Marketing Campaigns

By on Sep 14, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

Did you notice the festive aura in the ad campaigns?

The ads and promos have a different vibe of cheer and happiness, the PR machines are talking about the festive collections, even the OTTs are promoting Christmas releases already.

Festive Rush is good for product oriented brands. That is something that most of the marketers would like you to believe. But here is how festivals offer a great opportunity to each brand for a power recall.

  •  They bring the cheer and happy vibe, people are more open to ideas and opportunities
  • Emotions are at work, brands have a great opportunity to create connections and strengthen bonds
  • Pick causes – that as a brand you would like to pick, promote or even spread
  • Best time for employer branding, the sense of belonging
  • Holiday season is a great time to weave together your brand with culture (Remember, ‘muh kurkure kijiye’)

Here’s what you can do about it?

  • Be open to both the scenarios,

A: Offline meetups

B: Online Engagements

  •  Put all your gifting budget to a CAUSE, share the proof with a thank you message to all the stakeholders
  • Run a festival campaign to light up the festive season for the underprivileged
  • Run Ad campaigns to amplify sales
  • Design special offers keeping the festive spirit in mind
  • Sponsor Celebrations and Events
  •  Create customized gifts, greetings and messages.

It’s time for action. Let us connect at: ask@30thfeb.com


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