Tagging People who are a Part of your story will help you Grow your Brand

Tagging People who are a Part of your story will help you Grow your Brand

By on Oct 26, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

Get the influencers to talk about your brand. Make them a part of your story. This way you create higher bandwidth for your brand and the reach multiplies. This is also the reason why travel portals align with bloggers. And the hospitals run blood donation drives with celebrities.

That is the brand marketing and PR tactic but people matter. This goes deep in the memory of your customer.

Who you tag your brand with matters. It makes your story powerful. When startups talk about the upskill story. When they empower the people by investing in them, the brand perception changes.

People are the most important element of your brand. You must include the people at the bottom of the pyramid, welcome the new joinee with a special mention. All this establishes volumes about your brand. Plus these are all recall touch points that you create in the ever reducing attention spans.

To get started, here is what you need to do:

1. Reflect on the story outline

2. Always keep your lessons close

3. Connect and Capture your brand interactions with the people of impact.

4. Give Due Credit to the people and their opinions – mention how it leverages your story.

5. Do not leave any segment unmentioned – everyone matters

There are several ways to bring about and share your story with the audience, if you need help in carving out and sharing your story,

Connect with Brand Strategist at:ask@30thfeb.com.


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