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Break the Pattern for Higher Brand Engagement and Brand Growth

By on Sep 21, 2021 in Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Marketing

Pattern interrupts are powerful.

They shakeup a person’s typical thoughts, in all probability initiates action. Breaking the pattern doubles the chances of something new to take place.

Brands often use,
Humor | Controversy | Odd | Weird and the Unexpected as a strategy to break the patterns.

KFC made this beautiful video, it is humorous and to the point. It underlines the brand lovers who missed the food, celebrates their attempts and makes the message clear. The brand is back and is delivering at your doorstep.



It is about the customer who missed the KFC food while in the lockdown. This was a different kind of campaign when the world was talking about, ‘we are in this together’ and ‘8 step contact less delivery.

Psychology says that a person whose pattern is interrupted is often seen as highly influenceable. Repeated messaging is bad for business, it irks the consumer and eventually makes your campaign redundant, obsolete or repetitive.

When a brand breaks the pattern and outgrows the customer expectations by twisting a plot, it instigates them and thereby wins recall and engagement.

Breaking the pattern wins attention and leads to engagement.

With the digital universe expanding every minute, it’s high time you break the pattern.

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