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Logo Design – Most Common Mistakes to Avoid

Logo design A logo helps in creating brand identity for a company. Logo is the first thing a reader may ...
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Brand Voice – Do the Brands need to draw a Line?

Brand Voice is how a brand speaks to its customers.  It is the way they communicate through a fancy copy, ...
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Who should Audit the Brand?

While working on this series, suddenly it struck me that we are talking about the DIY Brand Audits but then ...
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The Book That Makes Branding Easy

  • Learn to build a new brand or reboot an existing brand!
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External Brand Audits – The Checklist to improvise!

‘Charity begins at home’. Going by the quote we recommended the Internal Audits as the first step toward a Brand ...
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Internal Brand Audits

In the last post, we talked about the Significance and Need for Brand Audits. Going further in the series, we ...
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Brand Audits – Why and How?

Brand Audits are defined as the evaluation of the brand value in current times as compared to the competitors. A ...
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    Do you have an Entrepreneurial Dream?

    An AGM wants to open a coffee shop, the hospitality manager wants to have a social media agency. Those in ...
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    Start-up Branding: an Idea or a Vision?

    This one is slightly different form my normal league of posts on start-ups! Here I am going to share the ...
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    Setbacks>> Breaks >> Comebacks! Entrepreneurship is you.

    Entrepreneurship is you. While I am scribbling words here, honestly I am trying to get out of a situation. A ...
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