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Get a Brand Consulting Firm, to Get it right!

By on Dec 30, 2014 in 30TH FEB, Brand Strategy, Start-up Brands

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When we discuss about branding of a company or a product, the first thing that comes to our mind is to create a set of design rules that are consistent across the look and feel of all your marketing materials. The terminology for these rules is often referred to as “brand standards” or “brand elements”. Be it a small organization or a multinational one, to establish a company and to set its base right, brand standards need to be maintained from the very beginning.

If you agree with the above statement, you will also have to agree with the fact that in order to achieve or maintain the brand it needs a brand expert it place, it could be a branding agency or a brand consulting firm. You may hire a designer to create a logo identity, but the brand expert would be able to guide you on not just the creative aspect but also on the strategic level, keeping your customer in the insight and also as per the line of product or service. Mostly a business owner believes in doing the branding strategy by themselves or mix-up the marketing & sales team as the brand experts.  An expert would not only create a long term awareness & image of your brand but will also go on taking the brand with the market trends, keeping an eye on the competitive brands etc.

Following are the reasons to commemorate the urge of ‘brand consulting firms’ for businesses – small or big. Unfortunately having a logo and a set of consistent marketing materials is just a part of a brand identity system which is like setting the base for future course.

Your branding efforts are dictated by your Brand Identity

A creative artist/designer may come up with the most creative logo for your company but to determine whether your logo derive its meaning from the product or service it symbolizes or whether it seek to identify, not explain or sell can be done by brand experts. I remember listening to a branding guru in a business conference saying, “A logo is not a strategy, but rather it’s a company’s identity, draft it well. It should be memorable, simple and timeless, leaving room for what the logo actually represents – you. If people can’t remember what your logo looks like, they won’t remember your brand.” Now, how beautifully it explains how to create your company’s logo. The experts have done their research and they make sure if there’s a chaotic or complex logo been created, it needs to be discarded at once so as to not distract the end consumer of what the product is trying to offer.

Think of the logos of some of the popular brands today. Be it a simple M shaped arches of McDonalds, a single bite apple for Apple or a memorable logo of Disney, it takes you little time to re-draw their logo with accuracy. Now that’s how you should spill the bean of your logo with the help of your brand expert.

Watch out the Brand Barometer

Branding is not just about the identity, it goes beyond it. Through your brand you impart emotions when consumers interact; they get a hang of your company and take it on any level. If a logo is a visual representation, your brand is the image behind what your business believes and strives to accomplish. An expert helps you build on that image through you brand voice, brand visuals and all the messages.

The brand expert rightly pointed out, “A designer lays the foundation of a brand visually, and the brand’s audience is what truly shapes it. Hence it is important that the foundation is laid correctly by falling in line with your business’ image and goals.”

A brand expert helps you understand how the market’s perception of your brand balances with your company’s goals which help to make informed branding decisions. They strategize and research about your competition to help you build campaigns that are engaging and promote the right brand message.

Budgeting helps the Brand Growth – admit the Brand Experts

“Investing a lot of money doesn’t create a good brand and neither having presence in many locations make a good brand”, the brand expert criticized. He further added, “Good communication and a positive experience for your audience and constantly getting their feedback to improvise leave a space for good branding.”

You may wonder that promoting or branding will cost you a fortune but brand experts can help you save on it by planning effective branding communication and ways to promote it. Be it making a presence in the social media platform or interacting with the consumer on a daily basis, a pocket friendly activation or a cost free promotional material, the brand experts will leave no possible ways to promote your small business with a budget of your own.

So think of having a branding system or contact a brand consulting firm that will not only boost your business but would help you breakthrough all the hurdles of branding and in no time you will see the difference it’s making to your brand while striving it in the positive direction.

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