Tips on Digital Branding for Business

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Tips for Digital Branding your Business
Are you setting up your own business/brand? Do you contemplate about having a branding agency or doing it yourself?
Does the social marketing challenge from competition worries you?
Would you like to promote it through social media marketing?
Would you like to interact, engage and aware customers through best social media tips and tools?
Would you prefer to know the pros and cons of the existing social media platforms?


Are you looking for a branding agency or brand consultant who can help you with tips on Digital Branding for business?

If all of your answers are more on the ‘yes’ side then the blog post demands your full attention. Online engagement to build a business demands constant dedication and repeated effort. And every entrepreneur, start-up owner or one from an established business entity should take advantage of the social media windows to open the doors of new opportunities. Read on the Tips on Digital Branding for Business:

Consistent Brand Communication is the way

Customer is the key reason that your business is running. His needs and wants must be surely and timely met. They keep looking for their solutions. The current trend is that almost every business is digitalized, it becomes trouble-free for customers to check the information online they want.  They tend to get driven by those brands who consistently provide sufficient answers to their questions.  And this becomes the reason that any brand or business requires consistency to perform well in the market   – consistency of good quality, consistency of better service and of right customer connect.  Likewise social media contents for a brand to grow its followers and engage its customers require consistency.  Make your posts a reflection of your brand and a personality of your audience and maintain the tone  in every little communication you post across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have discussed this earlier in Brand Voice Guidelines.

If you follow the brand MAYBELLINE , you would notice their customer engagement is very peppy, funky and on the face. Why it works for them? Because they target the youth and the kind of content they put up attracts the genera.

Your Brand must Converse with the Customer

Customer’s levels of satisfaction, dissatisfaction, delight serve as the basis for any sort of improvements in your business. It an important tool that helps you to gain a strategic and a competitive edge in the market.

When customers start following you, in return they expect you to follow them back by valuing their feedback, likes and dislikes. They want to know that you’re listening and they are important to you. So try and retrospect their feedback and make sure you strive to apply those to improve your brand, products and services. Remember the hands-on feedback you are getting is free of cost but if you take it seriously the result will be priceless.

For example some businesses, consider the electronic appliances companies, generally provide after sales services, ask for the customers feedback, and ensure timely if their appliances are working properly. By doing this they communicate to the customers that they are important to them and are being valued. Certainly, this not only creates the brand loyalty but also draws the attention of potential customers out there.

Apparently Customer is the most important element in Branding for Business – be it online or offline.

Visual Content drives Brand Connection

Visual content can draw more likes and visibility if it’s treated well. When you post a visual content on the social platforms try and attach a link that can drive traffic to your website and blogs or to your product and services. For instance link an interesting video back to your website from your YouTube Account or from your Instagram profile link and make sure you provide expanded content around the video.

The media you probably use also plays an important part just as the content. Make sure that you add proper and relevant videos, slides etc to make it more catchy.

Brands like ‘Threadless’, ‘MTV’ are few brands which are socially very effective in driving engagement.

Mind  your Hash-tags, stick to the #brandstrategy

Hashtags – words or group of words after the symbol # – have become too common and popular. If you are a marketer, you can’t ignore the hashtags in today’s scenario. Why are hashtags important? The answer to your question is because hashtags get your content found easily, improve your seo and thus amplify your brand.

The strategy is simple – have mercy on the hash-tags, don’t just tag anything and everything. If you want a successful social media plan use a good hash-tag to tie all of the pieces of your brand campaign together. Hash-tags should be unique, short and easy to spell, simple to read and easy to remember. To check the genuineness, check your hashtag on all channels before using it. And once that’s done, follow and extend the conversation with it.

We hope you are enjoying reading this #30thfeb #brand blog.

Branding demands PINTEREST’s presence

Pinterest now has become an easy but yes an important way to reach out to the customers and clients. Most of us take Pinterest as a platform where brands from fashion, art, food or entertainment showcase their products. But all that is not true. You can build boards from any industry you belong and you can showcase anything you desire. From software services to hardware, pin the related images from your blog posts or a product shot or the services that you offer. You can like stuff from related brands and you can share it in your boards as well. So that when others search it, they can find you. Make sure that you don’t forget to add links to your company’s website. It drives the traffic to your site.

The pinterest generally combines your content with attractive images that provides inspiration, offers something desirable.

For example, Maggie, a Nestle product, used pinterest to let people know about their recipes. Maggie implemented RECIPE RICH PLANS and incorporated appealing photographs. The ingredients, cooking time and servings got automatically added to their all the pins. Maggie even promoted its own pinterest board through facebook and youtube. Within six months of using the pinterest tools, it witnessed ten times increase in monthly engagement.

Though we are still working on our board, you can check us on Pinterest on our board, @BrandLove

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