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Website Content Strategy for a Start-up

By on Aug 8, 2015 in 30TH FEB, Brand Strategy, Communication Strategy, Digital Branding, Entrepreneurship

Website Content Startegy by 30thfeb

Internet and communication technology have advanced way too much. It gives the power to potential customers out there to look for solutions to their problems online without having to put efforts for travelling, visiting the market places which in a way also cuts the possible costs that can occur. Moreover e-business has become the latest trend in present scenario. It becomes imperative for any business to create an online presence. Here the website comes into picture. A website is your first impression to your prospective clients. It enables the potential customers to view what you have to offer to them. It makes them able to access the needed information anytime and anywhere. The more detailed you are – the higher the trust levels of your visitors. The information or the content you provide on website ought to be true and relevant.

A website helps in creating a perception in the minds of clients/customers that we have necessary knowledge about the business. A simple question you should think before you start writing the content for your website – Are we offering solutions to their problems? The more detailed you are about a subject – the chances of a positive call to action double. Imagine if you have put less information, the visitor will lose interest in the middle and there are chances they will drift away to get better results for their queries.

Is it important to know your website visitors in advance? Yes. Once you have the idea what are the current trends of the market, you understand what client/customer is looking for. This gives you the confidence to develop the right offer for right customer. Certainly when you know in advance what information the customers will be checking out on your website, you will be able to provide more meaningful information. In a nut shell it gives a sense and a purpose to your work.

You cannot mention complexities on the website as not all users are equally educated on the subjects equally. So the language has to be simple and approachable – heavy jargon and tough English is not advised. It only confuses your visitors and those who are naive will only switch to simplified sites. That is why it is significant to understand your visitor, analyze their behavior and accordingly design and share the content.

Let us List Features of a Good Website:

  • Your website layout should be clear and straight
  • Clearly mention the titles
  • Navigation should be easy
  • Don’t put excessive content on the website. Readers prefer precise but complete information
  • Graphics used should not be too artistic that common people find it difficult to understand
  • Color scheme and background should work well together
  • Branding should be easy to comprehend and recall – logo design, placement, tabs etc.
  • Create the appropriate Call to Action areas on your Website
  • Important Links should be there in the attention area
  • Highlight all the Significant & Relevant Links on the homepage itself
  • Social Presence – audience find it easy to follow brands & businesses on social platforms
  • Websites with frequently updated content are always good
  • Aesthetics and Detailing of content should be done as per the business category
  • Wellness, Personal Care, Apparel and Lifestyle Brands need to work on aesthetics. Similarly, brands related to financing, human resource, banking, IT – need to be updated frequently. Industries like Real Estate, Healthcare etc are those – where both the strategies count.


Avoidable impressions of a website:

  • I am a Start-up. I am not so clear about things right now
  • Will build on later as I progress
  • We did it for web presence, will be updating shortly
  • We are in the market, will make some revenues and later update
  • We do not want to talk about the people behind the brand
  • Badly managed social spaces linked on the website

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