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How to Build Brand Awareness on Social Media?

By on Jan 11, 2023 in 30TH FEB, Brand Strategy, Content Marketing, Digital Branding, Entrepreneurship, Start-up Brands

How to build brand awarness

Have you ever realized the need for a brand awareness strategy? When carried out effectively, your company can be the most widely known brand among your target audience. To get there, however, you must employ methods that promote interaction with your target audience. This explains why social media is essential for your brand-building campaign.

The goal is to personalize your brand by offering it a relevant and attractive persona. A Sprout Social survey revealed that 90% of consumers are more eager to connect with social media updates that reflect the company’s personality. And if that interaction is positive, it could be helpful to your company. As per Lyfe Marketing, 71% of consumers who have favourable social media interactions with a brand are likely to recommend it to friends and family.

So, how can you build these enjoyable experiences with your target customers? Create a social media marketing plan first. Let us take a look at why this is so crucial and how we can achieve it.

How to effectively increase brand awareness on social media?

You may concentrate your efforts while your company aims to increase awareness by ensuring that each of your content sounds as if written by a real person, providing helpful content to your audience, and boosting user-generated content (UGC).

Make yourself known to be a real person instead of appearing like a press release: People use social media to communicate with others, companies, and groups rather than consuming well-crafted corporate propaganda. The most important thing is to create content that captivates your audience rather than educating them. You can include storylines about the company’s origin, mission, or past, and internal corporate events and festivities, philanthropic efforts, significant new employees, and broader industry or market events, in contrast to simple product, brand, or service improvements.

It is essential to provide research and thought-provoking content: Sharing insightful, accurate information on the industry or specific product in which your business operates is an excellent way to engage your audience. You can publish a blog where you share best business practices, advice, innovative uses for your brand’s products, and even third-party market analysis from internal data like white papers. Always try to make your content relevant and personalized.

UGC spotlights: Presenting content created by your audience is one of the best ways to connect with people. Likewise, this encourages your audience to promote your company on social media, increasing brand exposure and driving engagement. Consumers have always appreciated peer reviews highly, but the significance of these evaluations is escalating for each new generation. UGC has a 20% larger effect on millennials’ purchasing decisions than other media types. The most sought-after forms of user-generated video content are live streams on social media platforms such as Facebook, and Snapchat, in addition to the immersive customer experiences of virtual reality (VR). You can add these stories to your homepage and share them via social media.

Which important social media metrics must be considered for brand awareness?

It is essential to possess a thorough knowledge of accurate, up-to-date reach data while aiming to raise brand awareness. It is indeed crucial to comprehend the size, views, activity, and interaction statistics of your brand’s audience. Knowing how many people you already have impacted will assist you in setting objectives and monitoring your progress more effectively.

Your audience is composed of the followers and fans you possess on each of the current digital platforms for your brand. Knowing these figures and how they evolve is important because they indicate the interest level of customers in establishing direct contact with brands.

How many times your audience has visited your digital content is indicated by the number of impressions. You can quickly decide how widely your brand activity is being shared using impression metrics.

Activity metrics keep records of how often your company publishes new content and engages in social media talks. Higher activity metrics are frequently correlated with more views, but consistency is important because, if you do not publish frequently, it will have a negative impact on your brand.

Likes and favourites are engagement indicators that reveal how and how many individuals engage with your firm’s online content. Your brand’s organic reach increases when a member of your audience interacts with your content and their circle often views it.

Which are the best practices for promoting brands on social media?

  • Make sure your profiles on social media are current and accurate. Through social media, you can reveal important data and bring in users who may not otherwise visit your site.
  • Find the networks in your stack that provide the best targeting possibilities and are the most cost-effective for increasing brand awareness, notably for sponsored activities.
  • Utilize your brand’s social media platforms to target specific personas through customer profiles and experiences.
  • Find relevant keywords using a social media advertising tool, then add them to your labels and descriptions.

What Does Your Brand Awareness Strategy Look Like?

Even though creating brand buzz may require some trial and error, having a focused brand awareness strategy is still the top concern for businesses in today’s market. And by adhering to the aforementioned principles, you position yourself to establish a brand that stands out in the minds of your target market.

Start Developing Brand Awareness Right Now!

Online presence for your brand is really important these days where half of the population is dependent on social media. You can boost exposure, engagement, and, eventually, loyalty by interacting with your target audience through social media channels.

Not yet sure where to begin? Let 30TH FEB guide you. We have a team of brand marketing experts who specialise in social media advertising and branding strategy. Our experts can also assist you in creating and posting blog content on your social media pages.

Please feel free to contact us right away at: if you’d want to know about how we may help you. You can also visit our website:


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